Dimecoin Update v 1.10 - Dimecoin Network - Medium

As many of you know, Dimecoin Network was recently subject to multiple 51% and double spend attacks of their cryptocurrency, Dimecoin (DIME). An update which included Automatic Checkpointing was released to aid in preventing such attacks and allowed for trading to be resumed across each exchange.

Exrates Lists Dimecoin - Dimecoin Network - Medium

Exrates lists Dimecoin (DIME). Dimecoin is available for trade via the following pairings: BTC, ETH, USD Exrates is currently a top 20 exchange in volume, per CoinMarketCap. About Exrates* Exrates is an actively-growing platform. Creating comfortable and practical conditions for using the Exchange is our priority.

Dimecoin Network & Plaak Joint Venture Negotiation - Dimecoin Network - Medium

Dimecoin Network, LLC is pleased to announce that it is currently in negotiations with Plaak PTE. LTD in the effort to seek and explore the potential of establishing a joint venture. The joint venture would focus on obtaining the appropriate licensure required to operate and maintain exchange services within the jurisdiction of the United States of America.

Dimecoin Network Update Regarding 51% Attack and Wallet Maintenance

First off, the Dimecoin team wants to thank everyone for their continued patience. We understand everyone's frustration over the last couple weeks and have worked tirelessly to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. The Dimecoin team has successfully tested and deployed a security update to our blockchain.

Dimecoin Network partners with Satowallet + Airdrop

Dimecoin (DIME) is a truly open-source, non-ICO, sub SAT cryptocurrency being developed by community volunteers across the globe. The company's intention is the integration of their blockchain technology on a worldwide scale through the development of their Point of Sale systems and p2p payment solutions.

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