Dimecoin (Point-of-Sale)

Dimecoin is currently being utilized in-stores today across the globe in America, Ukraine, Georgia, Australia and the Netherlands. If you own a — but not limited to — retail, restaurant, bar, or food market business we will assist in finding the perfect solution for you. Want to start accepting cryptocurrency to your business?

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Android Wallet Features

  • Simplified Point-of-Sale
  • Encrypted wallet backup
  • Automatic fiat conversion
  • Multiple Address Support
  • QR Code Scanning
  • Transaction progress indicator
Quark algorithm

Dimecoin (DIME) uses Quark algorithm with 9-rounds of SHA-512 hashes of different algorithm digests.

Dimecoin (DIME) Creation.

Dec 23, 2013

(DIME) in circulation

Updated Annually 544 Billion

(DIME) Pairs with:


9-rounds of SHA-512

1. Blake 2.Bmw 3.Groestl or Skein 4.Groestl 5. Jh 6. Blake or Bmw 7. Sha-3 (keccak) 8. Skein 9. Sha-3 (Keccak) or Jh

DIME Prerequisite Seal

Pay anonymously with DIME


As you can see from the diagram, QRBroker never communicates with the User’s browser, because that is the weakest point of security.

Communication between the mobile wallet and QRBroker occurs by a single transaction. QRBroker reads a unique code sent seemlesslly by the User’s wallet utilizing an API to validate which wallet has paid for a transaction with the unique code.

A Simple Example

The User opens a web browser and lands on a Partners website.

The Partner server intermediately asks QRBroker for a new QRCode to be shown to the User through the User’s web browser.

This QR code generated contains the Partners wallet address, the requested amount, and a unique code that represent the specific transaction.

At this moment the User’s browser and Partners server are communicating with a process that we call “polling” (explained later).

The User scans the QR code with the mobile wallet which sends a unique code and the User’s wallet address to QRBroker, and the amount specified is sent to the Parters wallet address in the same instance.

QRBroker now has linked the Partners and User’s wallets by matching the unique code.

When QRBroker detects the transaction has occurred along with matching unique code it sends the information (thanks to polling) to the Partners server which now allows the User’s web browser to display provided services of the Paterners service for the validated wallet address.


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Dimecoin Network's Team

The Dimecoin Network’s team combines a passion for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, industry experience and proven track records in finance, development, marketing, field service and law.

Ryan Downey
Douglas Hopping
Marco Cavallo
GUI/Web Engineer
Alexander de Villechenous
Lead Developer
Louie Sakoda
UX / UI Designer
Matt Kahla, Jr.
PR/Business Development
Kyle Dittmar
Communications Officer
Jordan Musto
Marketing Technologist
Budd Seeto
PR Marketing Consultant


Brent Britton





Dimecoin is a decentralized blockchain driven “By the Community, For the Community.” Dimecoin is already implemented in real-world use today for micro-transactions, with fast transactions (seconds to transfer wallet to wallet) with multi-layered encryption. Our intention is integration into businesses small and large. Many other features are in the works and the community will be regularly updated as progression continues.

The current Dimecoin team began forming in the middle of January, 2018, when Ryan Downey purchases the company and formed a new team.

DIME uses the Quark algorithm consisting of 9-rounds of sha512 hashes and different algorithm digests 1. Blake 2. Bmw 3. Groestl or Skein 4. Groestl 5. Jh 6. Blake or Bmw 7. Sha-3 (keccak) 8. Skein 9. Sha-3 (Keccak) or Jh

Yes, DIME uses the Quark algorithm, DIME can be mined via CPU, GPU, or ASIC miners. This ensures it is easily minable by all community members. Get started: Manual for GPU and CPU Mining

For Dimecoin there is no max supply. The circulating supply has been reached and is the total supply: 539,096,740,560 DIME. Dimecoin is inflationary.

~2% annual. We believe the inflation rate is set reasonably well as to not have a big inflationary effect.

Yes, if we capped the supply, the transaction fees would have to increase. It also allows future generations the chance to mine

(Block Height (a)) * (Block Height (b) % 1024) where (a) gets cut in half every 512000 blocks and modulus 0 equals 1024

CoinExchange , Cryptopia, BiteXLive, Livecoin, Freiexchange, Yobit and Nova Exchange.

All Dimecoin wallet downloads can be found on our Wallets page.

No, the team does not have DIME reserved for a coin burn; all coins are in circulation.

Dimecoin is intended for globabl everyday in-store payments. A large supply is considered by many as a conditional preference for our such.

We are a team of all volunteers working from the generated feedback by the community. We want to make sure to build the foundation for Dimecoin to be up to date with cryptocurrency enthusiasts’ standards having ease of use and functionality. We are confident that our blockchain fees, and speed, are up to par with best of them. Dimecoin's transactions allow people to buy everyday household items without having to worry about the cost, speed, or security of their transactions.

We do not see others as competitors. When they overcome hurdles, advancements are achieved; we see this as a positive for the cryptocurrency as a whole. We will lean into mass adoption through various technical releases, marketing and by forming strategic integrations and partnerships to gain mainstream acceptance. We shall integrate into many gateways so Dimecoin will be capable of being used all over the globe at a negligible fee, as a fast and secure payment option. Merchants and small businesses will have easy, clean functioning wallets for P2P, POS, and eCommerce.

A decentralized structure keeps money out of the hands of the very few. Dimecoin and our following deeply believe in helping the community. We shall donate portions of our funds received to charities of the communities choosing. While we are getting Dimecoin off the ground, currently, all funding received will go toward development and marketing to sustain Dimecoin's growth.

Not at this time. Dimecoin functions through proof-of-work (PoW).

The estimated time is on our roadmap.

We believe there are enough stealth coins out there already; we offer speedy, secure, and trusted transactions through the DIME blockchain.


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