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Our Global Impact of Good

Dimecoin Global Impact is the charitable giving arm of Dimecoin Network. Our giving priorities center around poverty relief and access to financial products, open to grant requests by a qualified nonprofit organization. In the future we will open access for individual support through the emergency assistance fund for families and individuals.  

Dimecoin Network will seek to protect and increase our corporate value through activities that reflect the needs and desires of its stakeholders. Our stakeholders remain committed to being a responsible and responsive company that plays a part in a greater community. It is with this in mind that we provide value by investing back into our community and people.

"He who has never denied himself for the sake of giving has but glanced at the joys of charity" - Anne Swetchine

Giving Priorities 2021 and Beyond

Core Areas of Funding and Support

Eliminate Barriers

Our goal is to provide support to organizations that are on the front lines of removing barriers that prevent people from sustainable living.

Eliminate Barriers to Financial System, Health or or Education.

Access to financial products, healthcare and education opens opportunities to escape poverty. Access is the key and Dimecoin aims to break down and eliminate barriers that keep people from accessing sustainable living. This grant program is open to 501 c 3 organizations incorporated in the United States of America.

Financial Education

Classes, trainings, online learning programs all aimed at providing accessible knowledge on financial products and services.

Financial Education

Support is provided for vendor support when designing our learning programs and outreach. This is not a grant program. We will release RFPs for future program needs and vendors are welcome to apply for the contract. Not all projects will use the RFP model.

Emergency Assistance

Support for immediate needs such as disaster relief or life-saving support. By invitation only.

Emergency Assistance

Support for individuals or community organizations that need a emergency financial need met. Let's face it, emergencies and disasters happen to all of us at some point. Sometimes a need is so small yet unaddressed can have huge implications for the individual or family. At this time we are only reviewing applications by invite only. We hope to open the program up in the near future. Please come back and check soon.

Employee Match Program

Our people matter and so do the causes they care about. They give and we give more for them.

Employee Match Program

From shelter animals to cancer awareness, Veteran assistance to classroom supplies, when our team members support a cause, we want to support them, too. Our 1 to 1 match allows a gift to double in size and double in impact. Open to employees of Dimecoin Network.

Inquiries and Application for Grant Funding

If you would like to apply for our grant please use the link below to access the application. Please note that applications will be made available soon. Check here regularly for posted openings.

**Please note — Grant applications are not available at this time.

The Dimecoin Well

Dimecoin Network aims to model responsible and responsive giving programs. Our Dimecoin Well is a community activation campaign that will raise money and awareness for very specific needs around the world. The needs are presented to the Dimecoin team by community members and ultimately, we select a cause or project to support.

Our inaugural project is an urgent need. We will partner with a local organization in Haiti that builds wells to bring fresh water into the villages throughout Haiti.

Fresh water is an essential element for human life. Fresh water also allows for the elimination of many diseases and illnesses, of which many are life-threatening. The average person in many of the villages earns just under $3 USD in wages per week. So the financing needed to build wells is not something that is even possible. We think we can build a well or two for our friends in Haiti.

Check back here for updates on when we will kick off this campaign so you can toss a Dimecoin into our wishing well that will bring fresh water to an entire village.

Now that is good that we can perform together.

Global Giving

An Outreach of Dimecoin Network

For more information please email info@dimecoinnetwork.com.

We do not accept unsolicited requests at this time. Please check back frequently.