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What is Dimecoin?

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What Is Dimecoin (DIME)?

Dimecoin is a digital currency which is built on an open source network that grants easy access to fast and cheap payments across the globe. Since Dimecoin utilizes blockchain technology, you are in control of your funds in an environment that is safe and secure, thanks to cryptography. The Dimecoin blockchain is fully decentralized, immutable, and highly secure. It provides for trustless transactions so there is no centralized institution and can be used just about anywhere either online or in-person.

Who Are the Founders of Dimecoin Network?

Dimecoin Network, stewards of the Dimecoin Blockchain, is based in the United States of America and was established February of 2018 by its founder Ryan Downey.

Dimecoin Network operates primarily through the help of its volunteer members from within the Dimecoin community. These members share a common belief and passion for facilitating the growth of not only Dimecoin but cryptocurrency as a whole.

What are the goals of Dimecoin Network?

Dimecoin Network aims to facilitate the growth and adoption of blockchain technology through the development of payment gateways and technology geared towards streamlining P2P and digital remittances via the use of the cryptocurrency, Dimecoin (DIME). Dimecoin is committed to developing customer-centric solutions that make your life a bit more simple and a lot more secure.

What Makes Dimecoin (DIME) the Cryptocurrency Unique?

Dimecoin (DIME) aims to remain fully decentralized. The development team has no controlling interest or stake in any pre-mine. Additionally, there has never been an initial coin offering ICO or any sort of fundraising linked to the blockchain.

Dimecoin’s genesis block occurred in December of 2013, which makes it one of the longest running UTXO blockchains currently in existence.

How Many Dimecoin (DIME) coins Are There in Circulation?

As of March 2021, the total supply is roughly 557 billion coins at the time of this publication. Given its status as a currency for every-day use, the supply is uncapped, and will continue to expand at an inflation rate of less than 1.5% yearly.

Recent chain analysis conducted estimates that there is roughly 448.3 billion coins currently in circulation.

How Is the Dimecoin Blockchain Secured?

Dimecoin’s blockchain consensus mechanism is proof-of-work PoW.

As of March 2021, the Dimecoin Network development team is currently in the final stages of testnet for updating the consensus mechanism to a hybrid PoW-PoS consensus which will introduce staking and masternodes.

Where Can You Buy Dimecoin (DIME)?

Dimecoin (DIME) is available on several exchange platforms and is available for trading with various pairs of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC), directly with fiat (USD), and stable coins such as USDT across the following exchanges: Crex24, and C-Patex.

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