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Wallet Tips – Do’s/Don’ts

We put our best effort into covering all topics related to Dimecoin. Each section will cover a different category.

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Venturing into using cryptocurrency wallets can be a daunting task for new users. Here are some tips, do’s, and don’ts for general use to help ease users’ concerns. Visit our glossary page if you are unfamiliar with any terms used below.

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General Wallet Use


  1. Send coins without verification.
  2. Send a large amount of coins at once.
  3. Never manually type a receiving address.
  4. Leave your wallet unlocked and open.
  5. Trust a link to download a wallet.
  6. Use an exchange to store coins.
  7. Store large amts. of coins on mobile wallets.
  8. Use weak passphrases.

  9. Assume your wallet will backup automatically.


  1. Double check address, type and amount.
  2. Send a small transaction first.
  3. Use a QR code or copy/paste the address.
  4. Close our or lock your wallet when finished.
  5. Verify download is from a trusted source.
  6. Use a trusted wallet for long-term storage.
  7. Keep small amts. for use on mobile wallets.
  8. Use strong passwords-alphanumeric phrases are best.
  9. Make proper backups of your wallet, external to your device.

Tip: Scams and impersonation attempts are common in the crypto industry. They are often used steal your private keys or identity. Don’t be a victim!

Managing Private Keys/Seed Phrases


  1. Store seed phrases or passwords online.
  2. Share your seedphrases or passwords.

  3. Forget your seed phrases or passwords.

  4. Make one copy of your seed phrases or passwords.
  5. Keep seed phrases or passwords on paper.


  1. Store seed phrases and passwords offline.
  2. Keep them private. Anyone with access can spend your coins!
  3. Write them down and store in a safe place where they will not be lost!!
  4. Make multiple copies!

  5. Store seed phrases or passwords in a weather proof and fireproof storage container.

Securing Internet and Devices


  1. Click unknown links.

  2. Use public WIFI.
  3. Ignore 2FA authentication.
  4. Use old devices.

  5. Use work/personal email.


  1. Verify web addresses. Use a service like virustotal
  2. Use a secure network.
  3. Always utilize 2FA authentication.
  4. Keep devices up-to-date with the latest patches.
  5. Use a separate dedicated email address for all crypto related activity.

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