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Spending Coins from a Paper Wallet

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When you are ready to spend your coins located in your paper wallet and bring them out of cold storage, you will need to import the private key into a supporting wallet.

Any wallet which supports importing Dimecoin’s private keys will work. At the time of publishing this article, the Dimecoin desktop wallet is the wallet you will need to utilize. Once the wallet is downloaded and installed on your PC, it is a fairly simple process. The steps below will help illustrate and outline the procedure.

Download the Desktop Wallet

First, visit the the wallets page on the website, or go directly to GitHub, and download the software which meets your requirements.

Locate your Keys

Second, find the private keys of the paper wallet you wish to use. If you printed the paper wallet from the generator it will look like this:

Access the Console

Next, you will need to access the console. The console is located under the Help menu and selecting Debug window. From there, navigate to the Console tab in the window that Debug window that opens.

Unlock the Wallet

If you currently have the desktop wallet encrypted, you should, unlock it by inputting the following command:

walletpassphrase yourpassphrase 600

This will unlock the wallet for 600 seconds, or 10 minutes. Replace ‘yourpassphrase‘ with the passphrase which is used to encrypt your desktop wallet.

When the passphrase is input correctly, it will return nothing and the text will be green. If incorrect, the text will be red with a message stating the passphrase was not correct.

Import the Private Key

Next, use the following command in the console to import the private key:

importprivkey yourprivkey

Replace ‘yourprivkey‘ with the private key that was obtained when you created the paper wallet.

Finally, once that is done the wallet has to re-scan to reflect your balance. The wallet should do it automatically. Let it finish the re-scan, don’t close it out until it’s complete.

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