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Syncing the Android Wallet

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For the Android wallet to sync, it just needs to remain open. Syncing will happen automatically. On most phones, when the app goes into the background, the syncing will stop. It does this to save battery. Keeping the app live will help speed up the syncing process.

You can check the stats under the Network Monitor, also found under the 3 vertical dots (upper right corner).

Home Screen

Home Screen

Network Monitor

Network Monitor

Once the Network Monitor opens, you will see your peers list. Make sure you have at least ONE connected peer.

Then swipe over to the blocks screen. You should see the blocks updating in real-time.

If the wallet happens to stop syncing and is no longer processing blocks, close the app and reopen. It most likely slipped into the background and triggered the mechanism that stops syncing to preserve your phone battery and data usage.

Note: The first sync will take the longest (typically a couple of hours); it needs to process about six and a half years of blockchain data. Do not worry. The wallet only processes the headers of each block, which totals about 30 MB in size. A block occurs roughly every 64 seconds, so if the timestamp on the block is not within the last couple of minutes, it is most likely not fully synced.

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