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Wallet Recovery using Salvagewallet

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The salvagewallet function of the wallet is useful for the following scenarios:

  • launch issues from a corrupt database
  • damaged wallet
  • incorrect balance

Tip: Remember to ALWAYS backup your wallet before attempting any of the following operations. To learn how-to properly backup your wallet, check out this guide.

This tutorial will use Windows 10 as an example. These steps will be similar for the desktop wallet running on other operating systems.

Step 1: Locate the shortcut

First, find the shortcut to the Dimecoin application. If the shortcut is not on your desktop, place a copy there. Be sure the wallet is not running and is fully shut down.

Step 2: Modify the target parameter

Next, right-click the shortcut, click Properties, and then select the Shortcut tab. Then add -salvagewallet to the end of Target parameter, as illustrated below.


Now, click OK. The dialogue box will now close.

Step 3: Launch the wallet

Next, double click the shortcut on your desktop. The wallet will now launch and re-index the blocks. This process will take a little bit of time, do not close the wallet while it is processing the blocks.

Now, take a look at the Dimecoin data directory, type %APPDATA\Dimecoin in the search bar menu on the taskbar, you will see the wallet has been backed up to wallets\wallet.<date>.bak. This indicates the wallet is using a new wallet.dat file with clean data. Warning: Be careful not to remove or modify any files under this directory unless you know what you are doing!

Finally, once the above steps are complete, make sure to remove the -salvagewallet parameter from the target line previously modified in Step 2. If you fail to remove this parameter before launching the wallet in the future, it will re-index all blocks and rebuild the blockchain each time. 

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