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Why was my transaction rejected?

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Rejected Transactions

Most of the time, the transactions you send will confirm without any issues. However, there are rare instances where you might create a transaction, and it fails. If this occurs, the transaction is considered rejected by the network.

Why may your transaction have been rejected?

  • Transaction fees is too low

    Most commonly, this is the result of the fee associated with the transaction being too low– or is non-existent altogether. When the fee is low, especially if the network is seeing a large volume of transactions, chances increase that the transaction will not send successfully.
  • Insufficient balance

    Your balance is not sufficient to include the network transaction fee.

My transaction has been rejected. What do I do now?

Rejected transactions never appear on the blockchain. Since it was rejected, the transaction never took place. The funds will automatically reappear in the address the transaction was sent from. However, before attempting to resend the transaction, make sure you have sufficient balance to pay the fee, or set a higher fee than previously used. The easiest way to do this is to use the default fee set by wallet (it will automatically calculate the fee based on the size (in Mb) of the transaction) and have it deducted from the total amount that is being sent. Try to avoid setting a custom fee.

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