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Like CPU mining, a range of software exists that allows you to utilize the GPU on your computer to mine Dimecoin. GPU mining will generate quite a bit more hashing power when compared to CPU mining; however, it will not generate near the amount an ASIC miner will produce. Given the nature of today’s higher-end GPUs, you may successfully mine Dimecoin at a decent rate.

Please note that the examples provided below are mainly for informational purposes only. GPU hardware and software are constantly evolving. However, through this guide, you should be able to configure your setup and optimize your settings based upon your hardware and software requirements. The fundamental principles this guide offers will still apply. This guide will utilize AikaPool coupled with using CCMiner by djm34 to mine with an NVIDIA GPU.

Register with a Mining Pool

There are multiple mining pools which allow you to mine Dimecoin. Our example will utilize AikaPool. However, here is a link to additional mining pools. Feel free to use any one of them.

Step 1. Registration and Login at AikaPool.

Goto Click on the Guest menu on the top right and Select Sign Up.

sign up

Sign Up

Enter a Username, a strong password, and choose a 4 digit pin. Check the I Accept the Terms and Conditions checkbox and click on Register. Save the password and the pin in a safe place. Once registered, you can now login to begin pool configuration.

registration page


Aika Pool Configuration

Step 2. Edit Account.

After you are logged into your AikaPool account, click on My Account on the left sidebar menu, after that click on Edit Account.

  • Choose your local Timezone
  • Enter your Dimecoin Payment Address (where you will receive payout) You should not choose an exchange address to receive payment. Most do not accept pool rewards
  • Choose a donation percentage. Choose an amount between 0.30% and 100% of your mining income to donate to AikaPool.
  • Enter the Automatic Payout Threshold. This is how many Dimecoins you have mined before your automated payout is processed. You can choose between 10,000 and 250,000. You can always manually withdraw your coins as well.
  • Optional — turn on Anonymous Account
  • Enter your 4 digit pin and click update account.

Worker (miner) Configuration

Step 3. Worker Configuration.

To create a worker, click on My Account, click on My Workers. Enter a Worker Name (dimeworker1 for this example) and a Worker Password (dimeworker1pw for this example). You can make the username and password whatever you desire. 

Under the Add New Worker heading, and click on Add New Worker to create the worker. Now you are ready to use your worker in the mining software that you will be setting up in the next section.

Worker Setup

Worker Setup

CCMiner Setup

Please Note: The version of CCMiner in this guide may not be the most recent. More optimized mining software does exist. If you are interested in exploring software which is actively maintained, or for different graphics card setups, check out the following:



Step 4. Download CCMiner.

Please visit the following link to download the software used in this tutorial:

CCMiner Download

CCMiner Download

Please Note: The version CCMiner in this tutorial is no longer maintained. More optimized mining software does exist. Feel free to use any newer version found on GitHub that may be more conducive for running based on your hardware configuration. However, make sure the version of CCMiner you use can mine the Quark algorithm since that is the hashing logic Dimecoin utilizes.

Step 5. Unzip the file.

You can use the built-in zip capabilities in Windows to unzip this file (right click on the file to see these options) or you can use a zip software program such as7-Zip,


Step 6. Installation

Move the newly unzipped folder (cut and paste) to your desired location on Windows. For example, place it on your Desktop or create a desktop folder with the name Dimecoin Mining and place the unzipped contents inside that folder.

Step 7. Now open the new folder location that contains the unzipped folder.

File Location

File Location

Create Batch File

Step 8. Creating a batch file.

Create a new text file inside this folder and rename it to Dimecoin_CPU_Mining.bat for example. It is important to use the .bat file extension, the file name can be anything you choose.

Create Shortcut

Step 9. Create a shortcut.

Now create a Windows file shortcut of the file named Dimecoin_CPU_Mining.bat from our example in step 6. Right click on the .bat file you made and then click on Create Shortcut.

Bat File Creation

Bat File Creation

Step 10. Configure the shortcut.

Right click on the shortcut you just created and choose Properties. Locate the Target field and replace ccminer.exe with the following:

ccminer.exe -a quark -o stratum+tcp:// -u dimecoin-miner.dimeworker1 -p dimeworker1pw--quiet
shortcut properties

Shortcut Properties

Do not forget to change our example username, dimecoin-miner, to your own username from the AikaPool Registration. Our example worker name dimeworker1 and password dimeworker1pw can also be changed to a worker name and password of your choosing. Make sure to save the file when complete.

If you are running a Linux, MAC or FreeBSD operating system, you need to download the source code here:

Once it is downloaded, you will need to compile it on your local machine. You can ask for support here:

Connecting to AikaPool

Step 12. Establish a connection with AikaPool.

Now double click on the file shortcut we had just created, step 9. Note: It may take a a few minutes to establish a connection.

Execute Batch File

Executing Batch File

Step 13. Check to see if your worker is active.

To check if your worker is mining into your account, please login into your AikaPool Dashboard at:

Under the Worker Information tab, you can see that your worker is mining.

worker information

Worker Information

Verify Rewards

Step 14. Check your rewards!

After some time, you can check the amount of Dimecoin you have mined under the Account Information tab.

Account Information

Account Information

Congratulations, you now are an essential part of the Dimecoin community!


The anti-virus software program on your computer may block the execution of CCMiner if the file protection option is “ON” in the settings of your anti-virus program. You can find the files that were removed under your quarantine settings. If this happens, add an exception for the folder where you created the .bat file. Once the exception is created, rerun your .bat file.

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