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How do I create an address to receive Dimecoin in the desktop wallet?

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So you have installed the desktop wallet and it has finished syncing. However, you have not been able to figure out how to generate a (receiving) address to be able to send coins to your wallet. This guide will show how to generate a receiving address in your wallet so you can receive coins. Note: It is recommended, although not required, to generate a new address each time you send coins to the wallet.

Step 1. Open your wallet and navigate to top menu bar and click File.

Step 2. From the File menu, select Receiving Addresses.

receiving addresses

Step 3. Click + New (lower left portion of the dialogue box)

generate address

Step 4. Enter Label.

This is not required but you can enter a label for reference purposes.

Enter Label

Step 5. Copy Address.

Right click on the newly created address from your address book. Then select, Copy Address. This is the public address you will use to send your coins.

copy address

Step 6. Finished!

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