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Will there be a coin burn?

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Coin Burn

Whose coins would we burn? They are in circulation. But, you are more than welcome to volunteer yours if you wish 🙂


This burn address was created using our DimecoinJ library — here is the proof:


class BurnAddress {
public static void main(String[] args) {
byte[] pub = Utils.sha256hash160(new byte[]{0x00});
Address address = new Address(MainNetParams.get(), pub);
System.out.print(address); // 7HcQKrm7Xh9RaxGvcr1zcjZiBcVRe9DQRM

The public key 0x00 cannot be derived from any valid private key, and as such makes it an un-spendable address.


A large supply is beneficial to what we are trying to achieve in our use case as a payment solution (volatility, accessibility, etc).

Additionally, total supply and circulating supply are two different things. Every currency in existence, whether traditional fiat or crypto, suffers from a percentage that is lost yearly. Chain analysis has indicated that anywhere from 20-35% of the Dimecoin supply has been lost for good due to lost keys/wallets, hacked exchanges, and other events which lead to coins being lost forever.

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