Dimecoin Network Update 1

Dimecoin is currently a team of volunteers dedicated to bringing only the best to fruition in cryptocurrency.

Dear Dimecoin Community,

Dimecoin Network, the future of “DIME” starts now.

“Building the world one ‘DIME’ at a time.”


The entire community and even people who do not hold “DIME” have been asking “What is Dimecoin Network (XDC) and what is the purpose of it?”.

The answer is pretty simple, “it will be used to collect funds in the form of fresh capital”.
XDC is not a token we want to promote to the masses, XDC is not a security. But then, “What is the XDC?”, you might ask.

The Dimecoin Network (XDC) is the foundation for the future global adoption of Dimecoin “DIME”, the platform and technology that makes it possible to use “DIME” anywhere and everywhere as a method of payment.

Will we launch and promote XDC with an initial coin offering (ICO)? No, what we will do is offer it to select investors who believe in our strategy and vision. This will be governed under the laws and regulations of the United States of America.

We will keep you informed and will notify the community when we begin building the technology and platform for DIME and we will inform our investors when we start selling XDC.

Again we thank you all for supporting and believing in “DIME”.

Ryan Downey
CEO of Dimecoin Network, LLC

For the community. By the community.

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