Public Testnet Launch

Dimecoin Consensus Upgrade Enters Public Testnet

Windows and Linux binaries have been released for those who wish to partake in the public testnet phase of the Dimecoin blockchain consensus upgrade.

Anyone who wishes to participate should join our Telegram or Discord groups to download the appropriate binaries. Please read this in its entirety before running testnet!

Below is a simple guide to help launch Testnet on Windows

Step 1: Backup Existing Wallet and Data Directories
Most importantly, before running testnet, be sure to make a proper backup of your existing Dimecoin wallet before proceeding to be safe. Testnet will not interfere with the functionality of your current mainnet wallet. However, if you fail to launch testnet correctly, you will need to resync your mainnet databases. Therefore, we advise to make sure you backup your existing wallet.dat and database before proceeding.

Step 2: Download Binary
Download the appropriate binaries found in the above Telegram or Discord group.

Step 3: Launch Testnet On Windows

Extract the .exe to your desktop. Once the .exe is on your desktop, right click to create a shortcut.

Right click the shortcut and goto properties. Under the target parameter add
-testnet at the end. Apply the changes.

Add testnet Flag to Target Parameter

Close the properties dialogue box and double click the shortcut to launch. You have successfully started testnet.

Alternatively, we have included a simple script in the zip file which will launch testnet for you which is labeled: testnet.cmd. Double clicking on that script will automatically launch testnet without having to modify the shortcut .exe target parameter.

Step 4: Syncing
Open the debug console and input the following command:
addnode onetry

Enter Debug Console Under Tools On The Topbar Menu

Inputting the command will return the phrase null and syncing will begin!

Step 5 (Optional): Receiving Coins
In either our Telegram or Discord channels, post a testnet receiving address and someone will send you some test coins!

Step 5: Mining
Difficulty is relatively low so mining with CPU will be fairly easy in the beginning. You can use the following command in the debug console:
setgenerate true X to start mining. X = the number of CPU cores to allocate to this function.

Step 6: Staking
In order to stake and receive coins, you will need coins to mature in your wallet. You can mine some to start or see step 5 to have someone send you some test coins.

Once those coins have matured, you can stake by simply leaving the wallet unlocked. After a period of time, you will start minting coins as staking rewards!

Step 7: Masternodes
If you feel so inclined, you can setup and run a masternode either on a Windows or Linux VPS. The collateral for masternodes on testnet is 100,000 Dimecoins.

We will be releasing a guide to setup masternodes when we launch mainnet. However, for now, there are plenty of guides which will walk through setting up masternodes that can be found from a simple google search. The principles applied there are the same for setting up a masternode here.

A Few Things To Note

1.) If you come across any issues, please report them. The best way will probably be to email us at When you do, please append your debug log and any pertinent screenshots detailing the issue you are facing. Alternatively, you can bring the issue to our attention in our Telegram or Discord channels and we will be happy to make record of the problem

2.) Keep in mind, this is a testnet. The final user interface (UI) will be different for mainnet release. We are aware of a few remaining bitcoin references and images. The main focus for this phase of testnet is further stress testing of the cores functionality.

Thank you for the continue support and happy bug hunting!

Important Links

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