Dimecoin Graphics Campaign – Get involved – Be Creative!

Loyal Dimecoin followers, contributors and supporters, we are looking for a few good men (and women) to help the Dimecoin team with its upcoming promotional marketing campaign.

The team is searching for skilled (or novice) graphic artists, doodlers and illustrators to come up with their best interpretation of what it means to be Dimetastic. Essentially, we are looking for artwork that can be put on T-shirts to be sold in the new revamped Dimestore, Mugs, Cups, Caps, Bumper stickers, any and everything.

What specifically are we looking for? Anything that incorporates the image of Dimecoin and your best interpretation of that using our logo.

Post your submissions on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #dimedesignchallenge . Submissions will be open now until May 15th (Tentative). We will create a special page once all submissions are received for a community vote! The 5 most popular designs will be featured in the Dimestore.

The designs must fit the following criteria: 300dpi no smaller than 8 x 11 inches (2400 x 3300 pixels) no larger than 12 x 16 inches (3600 x 4800 pixels)
Go get creative!!!

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Join the community involvement and help us build the vision together!

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