Keene FC – Dimecoin 3rd Jersey Option! (Preorder Now!)

We Apologize these shirts are longer available!

How to:

Store Address: 7MrsgSsfruqZ2UFgdiz6LdZWsuC81vhVjn

When you purchase your 3rd jersey send money to the above address.

Current Price for 1 jersey is 59.99 (This includes shipping and handling)

59.99 in dime, we are going to be updating the price daily. Thank you

As of right now!

1,022,843 Dimecoin

One Million – Twenty-two thousand – Eight Hundred and forty-three

^This is what needs to be sent to the wallet.

Email to
What your address it was sent from:
Mailing Address:

Jerseys will be shipped in 4-6 weeks!

You will get a confirmation email back!