Windows Wallet v1.7.0.2 Released!

We have officially released the Dimecoin Windows Wallet v1.7.0.2  and is available on our Wallet page.

While this is not a major release, this wallet features various bug fixes, rebranded elements, and is the first release from the new Dimecoin Team. As with any new releases, we welcome any and all feedback to make sure we provide the best possible product.


Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming releases:

Linux Wallet – Currently in testing and will be released for public Beta use soon!

MacOS Wallet – We haven’t forgotten about you Apple folk. This is a big one and we will have more updates soon.

DimeStore 2.0 – This store will feature merchandise and various other products that will run solely on the Dimecoin Currency!

DimeDonate – Announcement outlining what it is, and how it can create exponential growth for the future of Dimecoin

Mobile Wallet


The Dimecoin Team