Dimecoin is the first to align with Soccer Club in America!

credit to http://www.keenefc.com

Keene FC is proud to be joining forces with Dimecoin a Cryptocurrency that is achieving great things in a short amount of time.

Information about Dimecoin –

Dimecoin is a decentralized digital currency that was officially launched on December 23, 2013. This makes it a legacy coin that was introduced in the beginning of cryptocurrency.

However, in the beginning of January 2018, a new team took over this abandoned project backed purely by a community of volunteers with the slogan “For the community. By the community.” A redesigned logo and a fresh new website were launched to the public on January 18, 2018, promoting this takeover with more updated information and a roadmap.

Dimecoin’s vision is to be the leader in micro-transactions in the world of digital currency. More on this once they release their white paper.

Quoted from their website “Dimecoin is a community-driven coin “By the Community, For the Community” is our standard. Dimecoin will be implemented in real-world use for micro-transactions, with fast transactions up to 10 seconds per transaction with multi-layered encryption. Many other features are in the works and community will be regularly updated as progression continues.”

With this Sponsorship, Keene FC will be helping to use Dimecoin’s micro-transactions as it becomes readily available on their website.

Some of the unique things that Keene FC will be implementing going into the future.

  • Jersey will have a Dimecoin patch.
  • DimeDonate Wallet on the KeeneFC Website
  • Direct Link to their website on KeeneFC.com and Facebook and Social Media Pages.
  • Store implemented accepting Dimecoin (Merchandise, Tickets, etc.

Keene FC owners had this to say, “We are beyond thrilled to align ourselves with a Cryptocurrency in Dimecoin that is on the same path as we are.
Their slogan is – For the community. By the community.
We also believe that the community is an important aspect of Keene FC. We strive to bring soccer to Keene and have a local impact that only soccer can bring. Dimecoin is a step in the right direction and we can’t wait to proudly wear the Dimecoin patch.”

Brentt Miller added, “This partnership with Dimecoin signals a forward-thinking movement of how business can be done in the future. We want to build off of this partnership and help combine the sporting industry and cryptocurrency communities together. The crypto market offers flexibility as well as a creative alternative on how business can be done. With the recent partnership of Arsenal and cryptocurrency, it signifies who the leaders in the industry are and there willingness to apply alternative business concepts.”